Thursday, 16 May 2019

Emyr Humphreys Centenary at CREW, Swansea University

Here are some highlights and pictures from the Emyr Humphreys Centenary symposium and public lecture organised by CREW at Swansea on 13 April 2019.

We were very lucky to have photographer Bernard Mitchell in attendance and most of the pictures here are taken by him.  


Twitter #EmyrHumphreys100 captured a flavour of the discussions of Humphreys' literary legacy and his place in ongoing academic debate, a few of which are embedded here.

The Deputy Minister for Culture, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, opened the day with personal reflections on the national and international significance of Emyr Humphreys.

Meanwhile some on Twitter were more interested in the stylish socks.

We managed to over-run a little what with me getting carried away with parallels between Tristan Hughes' Revenant and Emyr Humphreys' Toy Epic and a heated debate amongst the audience about whether Humphreys' writing can be described as Faulknerian.  Faulkner was certainly important to the development of both Humphreys and Hughes.

And to finish the day we decamped to Cinema & Co, for a moving talk by Candida Clark.  There was indeed wine - and futons!

We are very grateful to UWP who created a stupendous display of their Humphreys titles, coped with running upstairs to get a signal their card reader and still managed to sell loads of books.