Friday, 15 January 2016

Lunchtime talk next week

Women and Disability in South Wales Coalfields 
Alexandra Jones (Swansea University)
Lunchtime talk, Wednesday 20 January, 1.15pm at the National Library of Wales
As part of the Disability and Industrial Society project , Alexandra Jones will give a talk on Women and Disability in South Wales Coalfields Literature:
It has been shown that coalfields women near the start of the 20th century were at greater risk of death than their male counterparts. Whilst the arduous work of women in the home was arguably an extension of the coal industry, women also worked both at the colliery and in other local industries. Depictions of female characters are plentiful, but the vast majority of the material was written by men, and writing by working-class women is scarce. This presentation seeks to redress this balance by exploring the representation of women and disability in coalfields literature.
The National Library is also hosting the exhibition:  ‘From Pithead to Sickbed and Beyond’ (until 2 April) which examines the hidden history of disability in the South Wales coalfields,