Wednesday, 13 May 2015

From Sao Paolo to Swansea: Ugo Rivetti's CREW experience

Last month, the CREWniverse were very sad to say 'Adeus' to Ugo Rivetti, a visiting scholar from Sao Paulo. Since October, Ugo had been a cheerful presence in the CREW office and quickly became accustomed to the ways of CREW (Raymond Williams worship, drinking and the annual AWWE shenanigans). Ugo's debut at this year's AWWE conference was a great success, and we are sure his work on Raymond Williams will continue to inspire, both in his native Brazil and beyond.

Ugo writes:

"I started my M.A. on Raymond Williams at University of São Paulo, Brazil in March 2013 and from the beginning I had thoughts of doing part of my research abroad. After some search on the Internet, I discovered that the Raymond Williams papers were held in the Richard Burton Archives, at Swansea University. In February, 2014 I got in touch with Professor Daniel Williams who answered immediately, not only accepting to supervise me but also offering me all the resources and facilities of CREW. 
I arrived in Swansea in October 2014 and stayed there until April 2015. Today, I can say that those six months were definitive for my research (putting aside the unbelievably rich personal experience). Researching Williams’s papers the archives gave me the opportunity to be in touch with a material that is barely known in Brazil. And the constant talks with Professor Williams and my CREW colleagues Kieron Smith and Clare Davies were decisive for the planning of my text and for the development of my own ideas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Daniel Williams, Kieron, Clare, the Archives team and all the lecturers and students linked to CREW with whom I had contact during those months. I can definitely say that if my period in Swansea was so pleasant it was due mainly to having been associated with such a research group as CREW."

We wish Ugo every success, and hope he will stay in touch- he will always be welcome back in the CREW office!

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