Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Appointment of Professor Patrick McGuinness as Honorary Professor.

CREW is delighted to be able to report that the University of Swansea has confirmed the attachment of Patrick McGuinness to the Centre as Honorary Professor.

Patrick is Professor of French at Oxford (St Ann’s College), and is an internationally renowned specialist in French modernist culture and literature, as well as in the poetry of the French Symbolists. However, he also has a deep and longstanding personal interest in the English-language literature of Wales, and has recently established a reputation as one of the leading scholars of the poetry of the remarkable Welsh Argentinean late modernist writer Lynette Roberts. Patrick has edited both her poetry and her journals, and recently co-organized (with CREW) a highly successful conference at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, to celebrate the centenary of her birth.

Patrick is also an award-winning poet, whose first collection was nominated in Wales for the Roland Mathias Prize.

He has enjoyed a very fruitful informal working relationship with CREW over the past few years. The new formal relationship enabled by his appointment as Honorary Professor should allow Patrick’s valuable collaboration with CREW to develop in very interesting and rewarding ways.

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