Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Paul Robeson Seminars: Semester 2

After a very successful first semester of Paul Robeson Seminars in African American Studies, Semester 2 is already underway. It seems a long time ago that we kicked off at a packed Callaghan Lecture Theatre with Professor Jon Roper prophesying an Obama victory. Rachel Farebrother (American Studies) and Daniel Williams (CREW) invite you to attend the following sessions, 1pm - 2pm in the James Callaghan Conference Room.

Wednesday 4 February
Reading Group: Excerpts from George Hutchinson, The Harlem Renaissance in Black and White, and Houston A. Baker, Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance. Langston Hughes poems.
Organiser: Rachel Farebrother

Wednesday 18 February
Dr Mark Whalan, Department of English, Exeter University
The Great War and the Culture of the New Negro

Wednesday 4 March
Jen Wilson, Women in Jazz, Swansea
African American Music in Nineteenth Century Wales

Wednesday 18 March
Ieuan Williams, American Studies, Swansea University
Jazz and 1950s America

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